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ENGLISH : CHALLENGE 1 - A day in Richelieu's Life - Louise

Here is the first fanfiction Louise wrote about Paris' Clan. It was basically a challenge between Louise and me. We had the same theme and some words we had to place in the text.

Here, the theme is "one day in Richelieu's life" and the words were : Jasmine, lamp and mysterious.

Here comes Louise's text :)

Richelieu’s Crazy Run

The sun at last went down, letting Montigny’s manor in the shadows, barely enlightened by the stars and the small crescent moon hidden by the clouds. Some lights had just been turned on. The inhabitants had gone to their rooms. All of them but one, one silhouette perched on the top of the roof, put up proudly, his wings open and his undulating mane under the warm breeze. A ray of light shew on the silhouette and enlightened the majestic face of Richelieu, self-satisfied with his little effect. He spread his wings with grace, shook himself with a kick, photogenic he hoped et flew out towards the woods. He hoped that all the wood creatures had seen him and cowered in front of this insatiable predator.

About one hour later, with his daily prey in the beak – two terrified fieldmice – he came back to the manor with jubilation on his face. He was expecting many cries and applause. But nothing. Nobody noticed him or his trophies, everone being busy. As Mélusine was having her nocturnal breakfast in the kitchen, he hurried to give her a best taste surprise. He ran to her room, opened the door with an expert paw kick and jumped on her bed. He had already noticed that she liked to eat a bowl of cereals and read at the same time, under her sheets. Richelieu was a gentleman. He thought she would rather kill the mice before play with them and eat them with her milk mug. So he put delicately his fightened presents under her duvet and went away, proud of his endlessly generosity.

In the corridor, Richelieu precisely met Mélusine, her arms charged with a tray and lots delicious food. He bowed deeply as she walked next to him and hold his head high as he left, thinking that she would prefer to eat her mice on her own.

As he turned in a corner to the living-room, a piercing shrieking was heard in all the manor. Indeed she found her present and she liked it

As the gryffon arrived next to the kitchen doors, he checked that no one was hanging out in the corridor nor in the room and sidled inside. There he jumped on a stool and then on the sink and the table where stood the amazing and sublime cookies box. Every day he came discreetly to pick some and everyday it was filled again with fabulous chocolate chip cookies. He started drooling as his paw got close to the box. His eyes shone with greed. The beast droped off the top and dipped his snoot in it.

Within five minutes, there was nothing left. He took the cover with his beak and cautiously put the jug back where he found it. Richelieu quickly jumped off the table and looked for Delacroix.
The door was closed so he scratched furiously and mewed. The door bursted open and Delacroix’s crazy face appeared. Richelieu huddled up and groaned and begged.

« Richelieu ? What’s wrong ? Are you sick ? »

Richelieu begged to his spectator, catching his jacket which hung in front of his beak and pulled him towards the kitchen. He let Delacroix go at last and stood right in front of a giant cat croquettes box (not too hard, not too soft, bird and vegetable-flavor)

« Oh ! OK ! You’re hungry, buddy. Okay, just wait, I’ll bring you food ! You should have mention it sooner ! »

As he spoke, Delacroix opened the box and poured down in the griffon bowl enough food to eat during one week as the beast was stamping on his feet.

« Here it is. I think you should have enough of it. »

He put the box back to its place and Richelieu noticed he didn’t close it well. He could come back later. But now he’d better take advantage of this huge mountain of luxurious croquettes. Richelieu didn’t wait any longer and dipped his head inside, swallowing gluttonously and freneticaly everything that stood under his beak.

Delacroix looked at him for a moment and laughed in front of this genuine gluttony and went back to his room. On his way back, he opened the cookies box, dipped his hand inside and as he could not pull something from the jug, he looked inside incredulous.

« Again !? That is not possible ! I already refilled it ! Morphine has eaten everything or what ? ? Who did this ? Raaaah ! »

He cast a glance towards Richelieu who chose this moment to stop shewing and looked at him with a perfect genuine look melted with innocence and then ate again in spraying of food.
Delacroix went away ranting, swearing that nothing would stop him, that one day or another he would find this cookies thief and that he would kick his butt. He would definitely investigate !

Replete, Richelieu stopped eating and walked to the living room intending to have a good rest. He crawled and fell on the couch sighing with satisfaction. Morphine came after that, holding crips and sweets in each hand.

« There’s no cookies left ! Always thinking about him. I hope Delacroix will choke with it ! »

Seeing that Richelieu was sleeping on HER couch, she pulled his swings and pushed him on the floor. Richelieu was too tired to answer back, even when Morphine put her feet on his back. He groaned and kept sleeping while the teenager took the remote and started to flick through TV channels. After twenty minutes and as she finished her crisps, Morphine felt bored with this boring nocturnal TV programs. The young girl scrubed the last crumbles which fell down on poor Richelieu. She bent her head above the big asleep beast and an evil smile appeared on her face. She got up suddenly, left the room and came back thirty seconds later with clothes in her arms.

« Richouuu… Richelieunounet… Come here… Don’t be afraid… »

She slowly came close to him, put her hands on his head, waiting for cuddles… but then she blocked his neck. Richelieu struggled, trying vainly to escape this awful kid. She climbed on his back and already was dressing him with a pink t-shirt and fixed hairclips on his hairs. Even if he was struggling she succeeded in dressing him with an enormous lace panty and paint on his beak with a lipstick.

Poor Richelieu was mewing, groaning, complaining and crying for help but Morphine was still playing like a crazy child. Eventually she poured an entire bottle of jasmine perfume over his poor head. The gryffon finally did run away, slinking. He could hear her laugh behind him in the corridors, running to Absinthe’s room. Shaking, he scratched at the door, asking for a sanctuary. He could hear the crazy teenager’s feet as she came towards him. The door opened slowly. As soon as he could, the four-legs shape busted in.

Morphine arrived laughing but instantly came to a standstill. In the doorframe, Absinthe was looking at her with a severe look.

« It’s not me. I didn’t do it. It’s not cool ! » Morphine started to complain.

« But I didn’t say anything. What have you been wrongly accused of ? » asked Absinthe back, half-severe, half-amused.

« Nothing, nothing. See, Richelieu is in your room. Could you bring him here ? »

« No. He stays where he is. Leave him alone for tonight. »

As she spoke, she closed the door under the nose of the teenager who started to yell and accuse Absinthe to plot. The teenager headed back to the living-room and got into an intense play of Gameboy.

Calm at last ! Absinthe needed quietness tonight. She had borrowed lots of beautiful manuscripts to Father, and she was trying to compare some newspaper articles.
She had put everything on the floor, next to the fireplace, drinking a cup of tea and tried to concentrate upon her articles. But doing this longer than half an hour was impossible in this house.

Absinthe turned back, picturing herself with her cup of tea, looking over all the beautiful books she took from the library. But when she did turn back, she saw something totally different.
In front of the chimney, sitting on her books and newspapers, Richelieu was resting. He had laid out a perfect nest with her papers, getting rid of the clothes he wanted to be away. He scrubed his beak on the back of the armchair to get rid of his lipstick and by now, a scent of jasmin was all over the room. The final touch came when he let the little lamp fall down as the griffon as he tried to turn back next to his little bed. The bulb exploded and the room was filled with darkness.. The only light came from the little fire in the fireplace. As he heard broken glass,

Richelieu stood still and turned a worry look toward Absinthe. She appeared half hidden in the shadows. Her face, only lightened by this low and reddish light from the flames. She looked like a ghost or a revenge monster. A contorted smile started to appear on her corner of her lips…

« Richelieu… Get outta here… please… »

His hairs prickled on his back and Richelieu ran like a chased rabbit. He didn’t understand why she seemed to be so angry… After all, she kinda invited him to come in, she even prepared a mattress just for him next to the fire. What was going on ?

He ran like hell in the corridors and started to scratch and cry for help at the first door he ran through. The door busted open and Grimm’s red, sweaty and pissed off face appeared few inches next to his.

« WHAT ! »

Richelieu yelled even more et ran again like a fool. The door closed with insults and bad words. Nobody has the right to disturb Grimm during a session of musculation.

He arrived next to another door and opened it with a paw kick. The door dashed into the wall but then it was Svenn who yelled. He was quietly reading a book, snuggling under his blanket when Richelieu decided to frighten him, giving him an heart stroke. He screamed and threw his book against the wall and hid under his blanket. Svenn’s yelling terrified even more the gryffon. His eyes rolled insanely in his orbits and ran again. He ran and ran, kicking the walls, corridors corners, bringing the armors and statues down. He finally fell down next to a last door, choking and gasping, his tongue falling out of his beak. He didn’t have strength enough to groan.
Completely out he couldn’t see nor ear anything.

A crack and then footsteps sounded behind the door. It opened slowly and creaking. A caring hand cuddled his head. Some arms led him with delicacy like a sleepwalker inside the room. He was put on something soft and warm and then he fell asleep.

Richelieu woke up some hours later, resting from his previous adventures. He opened his eyes and looked around, looking for his mysterious benefactor. It was the first time he stood in this place, in a stuffed basket, next to the fireplace. Next to him, a bowl of fresh water and another filled with croquettes. All around, books, papers, grimoires and more papers. He had a curious feeling of strange, secret, something sacred. Here, behind his desk, Montigny looked at him with a funny look.

« You can come whenever you want, if you don’t still biscuits anymore. Right ? »

Richelieu closed his eyes and fell asleep again, peaceful at last.

- Louise, 2009


Text by Louise, translation by Coda