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ENGLISH : Challenge 2 - A Gargoyle disappeared - Karell

Second text I wrote about Paris' Clan with Louise. 
This time the theme was : A Gargoyle disappeared and the 3 words we had to place in the text were : Telephone, dog, marmelade

A gargoyle disappeared !!!

1997 – quiet night in June

Mélusine put in a hurry everything she gathered on her bed in her black bag she carried on the shoulder. She had spent time to embroider a protective pentacle on this bag. Absinthe already had fun asking her why she would have had put a sign of the demon on her bag. Mélusine always explained her that it wasn't a reversed pentagramme but a protective signe, but the long and green hair gargoyle kept on saying the contrary.

            « If you say so... after all you are a specialit in sorcery... » she said, shrugging.

The young gargoyle looked at her Hello Kitty clock. Almost 1AM. Already ! She had to leave now if she wanted to be on time. She grabed her cloak, put it in the bag before closing it and slung it over her shoulder. She shrugged her hawk's head and ran into the corridor before being stopped by Delacroix who was blocking her way, arms crossed on his chest, a conspirator look on his face.

            « Ah ah ! I knew it. Are you leaving ? »

            « What are you doing here ? I have to go. » But Delacroix didn't seem to want to move. On the contrary, he took a pose in the middle of the corridor, his fists on the hips, spreading his wings to take more place.

            «  I won't move until you'll tell me where you're going. »

He began to be annoying.

            « You're wasting your time and make me waste mine. Move, Delacroix ! »

            « No. »

            « Well... Too bad for you, I don't have time to play with you. » Delacroix seemed to understand only one thing : blows and kicks.

            Reacting fast, she grabed a little statuette on a little column next to her and threw it with all her strength to Delacroix's stomach. The blue gargoyle was surprised by this move from Mélusine and gasped. The girl used the occasion to clip out and ran to an opened window at the end of the corridor. She threw herself through the gap and spread her wings to gain speed. She had to be quick as she didn't want to be followed, Especially by Delacroix, A little bit privacy was all she was asking. She looked back over her shoulder a few times to see if her trick had worked. No Delacroix on sight. Pfiou, ok. She took an updraft and disappeared in the night.


« What did happen to you again ? Walls are changing place during the day or what ? » Absinthe stared down on a squatting Delacroix, holding a little statuette representing a knight striking down a dragon. He was grimacing and had an hand on his stomach.

« Ouch ! »

« Come on, get up. »

Delacroix stood on his paws and explained to his mate :

            « It's Mélusine, she left without telling anyone. »

            « Again ? It's the third time this month. It's weird. »

« Yes, it doesn't sound like her, » Delacroix nodded. « She's not the kind to hide herself. That's why I have to know. » He added bouncing. « Hurry up or we'll loose her. »

« I agree. Go. I'll warn the other two pals and I'll follow you. »


Grimm was lying on the couch, a bottle of bear in the hand, watching a rebroadcast of a soccer game. A Metz – Sochaux, nothing thrilling. Crap compared to the Bundesliga ! He swallowed a draft and glanced at the ball of fur and feathers at his paws. Richelieu lifted his head up as if he heard a noise behind the door. Svenn was quietly sitting at the table behind the couch, drinking a cup of coffee with delicious marmelade toats and reading – or trying to read – yesterday newspaper.

Suddenly, the griffin stood up and rushed into the corridor. Grimm who was charged to watch over him and keep him into the mansion, sighed and ran after him. What in the world could have awaken him up ?

Absinthe appeared on a corner and told them the news as Richelieu jumped on her.

            « Del and I, we’ll go looking for Mélusine. Grimm, take care of Richelieu. He must not go out of here. »

            « Yeah, yeah I know... »

            « Find anything but do something. Last time, it's been a mess in town. They're still talking about that in the newspapers. »

            « … »

He couldn't find anything to answer but a long slience. Behind them, Svenn was witnessing the scene without saying a word, as always watching from the outside. When he felt Grimm's black look on him, he put his nose in the journal as if an article ordered him to read it. Absinthe took off, leaving a screaching, roaring Richelieu who didn't like to be left behind.
            «  Stay here, Ball of fur. You heard Frau Kolonel ! »

But Richelieu had another purpose in mind. He turned back and flew away by the same window where Absinthe had taken off. He bounced to take impulse and followed the green hair gargoyle.

            «  Ach Schiese ! »

Grimm had no time to catch him back, the griffin was already too far away, flapping his wings. Out of temper, he yelled :

            « And Shit ! COME BACK, YOU PIECE OF TRASH !! »

Svenn stared up from his newspaper, observing Grimm trying to make Richelieu come back with nothing but his voice.

            « You won't be able to make him come back, Grimm, He's stubborn ! »

Grimm turned back, pissed off.

            « Have a solution, genius ? »

            « Mmm, yes. But I don't think you'd like it. »

Grimm frowned.
            « Oh no. NO ! No way. » The slashed winged gargoyle claimed.

            « … »


Mélusine landed on a high building roof, near the Opera Bastille. Streets were enlighted by hundreds of streelights but there were very few people on the sidewalk at that time of the night, except those who hurried up to catch the last subway. Somewhere, A dog barked.

She had discovered this safe spot where she could dress up : a backyard which led to a second hand goods dealer storage room whose door wasn't closed. She knew how to be quiet and discreet and she wouldn't wake anybody up.
The young gargoyle searched in her bag and took out each elements of her costume she had carefully prepared. She pulled on a long sand shirt, dark puffed trousers and high boots and put a japanese inspired tunique all over the whole thing and voilà !
She pulled down her wings and tied a veil on her head, between her horns to cover her hair, hung a black cylinder at her belt and finished with a large and dark cloak which would cover everything, her wings, paws and tail. She looked at herself in an old mirror, pulled down the hood. Perfect. It was time to go, they would be waiting for her.


Absinthe met up with Delacroix when he found his « sister »’s trace back.

            « How did you do that ? » She asked

            « Ahah, instinct of the hunter ! » he answered flexing his chest muscles.

            « Of course. »

            « She landed here. We'll land nearby. Behind this slopping roof. »

            «  OK. After you. »

Delacroix posed his paws on the roof, in a conspirator gesture. This need of showing of was a second nature, Absinthe made a dozen pigeons take off, cheeping with fear.
            « Oh look, she's here ! It's her I'm sure. » Delacroix was leaning on the roof's edge, crouching to appear more little, showing the street to Absinthe. A dark silhouette was huging the walls, heading to an enormous wooden portal, where some people were standing. You could have guessed they were smoking from their behaviour. They all looked at the new comer.

« She's crazy ! She'll be taking apart ! »

But the silhouette waved at the smokers who gave her wave back, Up on their roof, the two gargoyles were disconcerted.

« We need to get closer. What is this place ? » Delacroix asked.

« As if I knew... »


Caves Saint-Sabin were famous for their decor, ancient stone archways, a very peculiar atmosphere and themed nights. Every wednesday night were costumed nights. At the door, some people turned back and welcomed the new comer warmly as she appeared.

            « Hey, the Twi'lek, come here ! » Three young girls dressed as a pirate, Cleopatra and a gothic nun waved at her. The newcomer pulled hear hood up, letting her lekkus hang on each shoulder.

            « You were almost late ! » Cleopatra claimed.

            « I had... last minute difficulties. » Mélusine answered.

            « Nothing wrong I hope. Your costume is really cool ! » the pirate added,

            The gargoyle blushed with the compliment. « Thanks, you're kind. I worked a lot on this. After all we have to celebrate the 30th anniversary ! Innkeeper ? A peach beer, please. »

            « You're damn right ! Cheers ! »

Girls clinked glasses and swallowed their first draft. Mélusine opened the cession.

            « So. New potions ? »

And this was the thing every wednesday. Mélusine came to talk magic mumbo-jumbo and pixie powder with other human sorcerer apprentices. At least they could talk about their domains and tell their fortune without expecting a reprimand. They wer eall on the same wavelength. This time, it was Cleopatra who was telling fortune with tarots, explaining the process to Mélusine.
            « Here, you see ? The wheel means a change... An old aspiration about to succeed. Besides, it could happen here... you should take a look behind you... »


Delacroix and Absinthe came closer to a little window which opened in the building. But a sound made them turn around. Richelieu had landed and was rubbing Absinthe's legs, cooing happily.

            « What the heck are you doing here ? » Asked the gargoyle. « And what is... »

The three of us watched the back up coming : Grimm was hold under the armpits by Svenn who used his wings for both of them. They landed heavily on the roof. Grimm threw a diry look towards Absinthe who barely hid a smile behind her hand. Delacroix dared to laugh out loud.

            « No comment, or... » Grimm threated with his clawed finger. Absinthe prefered diverting his anger and talked about the reason why they were on that roof.

            « We saw Mélusine go in this building and... »

Without explaining further, Delacroix passed half his body through the window.

            « What are we waiting for ? »

            « Very well, let's go. »

The room was small but wide enough to allow all of them to stand up with being one on another. It was a storage room. There were chairs here and there, candle sticks, black curtains for goth nights in the end of the week. Absinthe came closer to the door on the other side of the room. She half-opened it and put a finger on her lips.

            « Hush, they are nearby. »

Noise were loud. Music was all over the place and they could see the stone archways, candelabras and hundreds of candles. They could see Mélusine and her three human friends from where they stood.

            « Move, I can't see anything. » whispered Delacroix as he shoved Svenn,

At the bar, A young man dressed as a roman soldier had a pint in each hand and headed to the sorceresses table with a seducive smile on his face. He sat down between the pirate girl and Mélusine and gave her one of his pints before calling for the waiter with a snapfingering. Absinthe felt Grimm tensing behind her back. Mélusine huddled up as she accepted the pint with a shy smile which got on the big red gargoyle's nerves. The human got closer to the Twi'lek and whispered something in her ears which made Mélusine chuckle. It was more than Grimm could bear, Suddlenly he started to roar and growl and burst the door  into pieces. His eyes glowing, he roared again and removed the first table on his way with a hand. People began to yell and run. Behind him, Absinthe tried to hold him back. But she couldn't.

            « No, no no ! Stupid ass ! »

Professor Montigny was clear about that. Limit and avoid contact with humans was necessary to assure their existence. But here, Grimm was just blowing up the rules. Svenn, the biggest of them all tried to contain the angry gargoyle who was trying to catch the man in roman toga by the collar and to pick him up. The human was screaming with terror, trying to stay far from the claws. Grimm threw german insults. Delacroix tried to protect the others from desperate attacks, or other chair-throwings or any objects throwings. Richelieu jumped in the arena and roared, his feathers ruffled, to advice people not to come closer. Absinthe went into battle with promptness, grabbed Mélusine by her waist before pulling her to the storage room. The three other human girls had stood up and huddled up in a corner, holding each other, were watching this chaotic scene with fear.

            « Get off me, GET OFF ME  ! » yelled the Twi'lek.

« Come here. We're leaving before someone dies here. »

Svenn finally overcame Grimm and took him back.

            « Quick, let's go ! » shouted Delacroix.

All the gargoyles disappeared as fast as they appeared, leaving the Caves customers upset, overwhelmed and unsure about what just happened. After all, it was a costumed night. But what a costume !

On their side, Absinthe pushed Mélusine through the window they came in, in spite of her gesticulations. Behind them, Svenn had trouble not to loose grip over Grimm who was still trying to go back to the Cave to destroy this guy in toga. Both were protesting.

            « Let go of me ! » shouted both Mélusine and Grimm.

Quietly, Svenn answered :

            « No, you will fall. »

            « I don't need a babysitter. » retorted coldly Grimm between his teeth.

On the roof, Mélusine pushed Absinthe and exploded :

            « What the hell were you doing here ? You had nothing to do here ! »

            « YOU had nothing to do here. We must not meet with humans. They wouldn't understand and accept us. »

            « But I was in disguise and you could have not put the place into shreds. »

            « It's Grimm's doing. And he will account to Father for his actions. He did not respect  the rules and put all of us in danger. »

Mélusine turned towards his clan's brother and slaped him in his face. Grimm wasn't expecting that and looked at Mélusine with a mix of incomprehension and anger.

            « How dare you mess all up ?! »

            « ... » Grimm didn't answer and walked away without a word, climbed down the wall with his claws and disappeared. Mélusine stood there, motionless. Absinthe came closer to her sister and put a hand on her shoulder.

            « But what is going on in his stupid head ? » She asked for herself loud.

            « He got angry  when he saw you and the other human flirting. »

            « Oh...? »

Absinthe prefered not saying anything and invited Mélusine to follow her.

            « Come on, We're going home. He'll be back. Delacroix, take Richelieu. »


They went home in an upseting silence. Guilty for some of them, awkward for others. At the manor, Morphine was waiting for them, watching the sky.

            « Oh ! You could have warned me as you went out. I want to have fun too ! »

            « This is not what you think, Morphine. »Mélusine answered.

            « Yeah whatever... » the little gargoyle said as she saw Mélusine dressed up as a Jedi.

« You didn't want me in your legs in your party, that's all. »

Mélusine passed next to her, tired and full of questions. She looked and scanned the horizon, wondering when Grimm would be coming back. They would have to get things straight.

~ Karell

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