Sunday, August 11, 2013

Gargoyles Reawakening Podcasts

Hi guys !

For some months now, I'm part of this fantastic adventure : sharing our passion about Gargoyles with other fans and talking about fanfictions, fanarts, interviewing great artists in the fandom community...

We opened a dedicated website :

We've got 4 podcast out for now, here they are :

Podcast 1 with Karine Charlebois (Kanthara)

 Podcast 2 with Gillian Hathaway (GillyPerkyGoth)

Podcast 3 with Sandra Chiem (Youkaiyume)

Podcast 4 with Christine Morgan (fanfiction writer)

Come and take a look !

EDIT : There are 9 podcasts out now ! Check them out !
 Podcast 5 with Karell Clara (Coda-leia)
Podcast 6 with Bob Collins (Korkidorch)
Podcast 7 with Mike Rieger and 
Michael McAdam (Hawkstone and Riverdale)
 Podcast 8 with Frances Vasquez (D.Taina)
Podcast 9 with Frank Paur (Storyboarder on Gargoyles)

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