Wednesday, January 14, 2009

-EN- Clan's Background

If you want to know more about the clan's story, here are the beginnings.
text written by Amaury, the creator of the clan.

The Paris Clan is based in an old private mansion owned by Isidore Montigny, head of the Montigny Foundation for Universal Knowledge.

Both Delacroix and Absinthe were born here, and think of Isidore as their father. Mélusine came in a little after and was raised with them. Morphine and Grimm integrated the clan much later.

In Paris there's a lot to be done : low smugglers, organized crime... And strange things happening because of one "Nightstone Unlimited" corporation and her mysterious owner, Dominique Destine.

But the clan can travel through France and Europe as well, thanks to the ressources of the Foundation. And in the dark forests of central europe, old secrets dwell, bounded to the very origins of Delacroix and Absinthe... And the fate of Isidore's father, the archeologist Jules Montigny, is yet to be discovered.


Everything begins when french archeologist Jules Montigny is reported missing along with his young assistant, Anne Darmont, during an expedition in Central Europe. Some days later, in secret, two mysterious crates are delivered at the familial manor. Everything indicates they travelled from the village near the last know location of professor Montigny. In the crates are two huge stonelike eggs and a bunch of documents, some of them from the very hand of Jules Montigny.

His son Isidore, 30 years old at the time, has no obligation to ever work thanks to his late mother's incredible fortune. He starts reading the documents and learns all about gargoyles. How they were slain during the middle-ages, how history forgot them and turned them into myth. Some of the documents are pages of ancient books, some are translations of texts carved in the rock of some god-forsaken cavern. The papers explain that the two eggs are indeed gargoyles eggs, but do not explain how they survived. But the professor asks his son to take care of them as if they were his children, and even explain how to do it, what equipment has to be used to allow the eggs to hatch. We're in Paris, during the sixties.

When the eggs hatch a few years later, Isidore starts honoring his father's wishes. The manor is virtually isolated from the outside world. He has asked Jacques, a friend of him and a real business genius, to fund the money wisely. He can now educate the newborns, with all the love and devotion a single father can give.


Isidore is an old man. Absinthe and Delacroix are the equivalent of twenty-years-old young persons, and they want to go out and see the world.

Jacques' genius permitted the creation of the FMSU, "Fondation Montigny pour le Savoir Universel", (or MFUK, "Montigny Foundation for Universal Knowledge"). It is a humanist, multinational trust aimed at a large variety of researchs.

It is time for the Paris Clan to spread his wings and gloriously fly upon the lights of the city at night.

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